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Descent Into Global Tyranny

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of Man"

Thomas Jefferson

The New World Order system of world conquest has always been visible, but it is so hulking and massive that it has remained hidden in plain sight. One of the most common pre-conditioned responses I hear from the average compartmentalized individual is that there couldn’t be a society of people working for world government. Those in denial proclaim, “It’s too big...it would unravel...they couldn’t keep it hidden...” The average person judges the world according to their moral compass. Because most individuals are not ruthless, sociopathic control-freaks, they cannot even begin to fathom the dark gulfs that are the souls of the servants of the global elite. The New World Order is a synthesis of the survivors of empires, of super-merchant families, of barbarian kings, of banking families established in the middle-ages, and of the royal families of Europe. Over time, they have learned that if they can simply conceal the true magnitude of their power and install puppet rulers from the cultures they dominate, the people will accept greater forms of tyranny. In the late 20th Century, as the formation of a true world government entered its final stages, the globalists began to do what was unthinkable just a few years before. They began to admit that there really was a move towards a New World Order, complete with a World Court, World Taxes and a World Army to enforce its despotic laws. Just a few years ago, the average man on the street refused to even admit the possibility of a world government. Now that same individual will bellow, “Yes, there’s a world government – and we need it to protect ourselves from terrorism!” The globalists’ plan is so far along that now they must admit that world government is a reality. Their propagandists are hailing the New World Order as the only system that will keep us safe and secure. In reality, it is the world government itself which is conducting the terrorist acts.

-Alex Jones, Book: Descent into Tyranny

Advances in technology SHOULD be used for the upliftment, evolution and improvement of the human condition. Instead, technology, especially computer technology, is WRONGLY being used today to digitally enslave Mankind. Limitless databases, increased speed and accessibility to information, along with satellites, ubiquitous psychotronic cellular tower networks and next generation wifi technologies are all synergistically working to create enclosed "frequency fences" around individuals and communities across the globe.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Jackson, Wyoming

=> March 4, 2015

World War 3

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